10 Reasons Why SEO Is The Most Underrated Marketing Strategy

SEO is the best digital marketing strategy for local businesses - when done correctly.

With the wide range of businesses out there, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Not only this, but the many marketing options you have as a small business owner can make it difficult to choose between digital marketing options. From paid advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook, to Social Media Marketing and even Email Marketing.

1 – Advantages Over PPC

Don’t get me wrong – Facebook Ads and Google Ads certainly have their place and can be powerful methods by themselves, but SEO has certain advantages over these methods that can generate significantly more results in more time and in a more cost-effective manner.

If you want to hide a body, you put it on the 2nd page of Google.

2 – Organic & Consistent

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows you to attract thousands of new traffic to your business’s website, while being the most organic approach out there. Instead of forcing yourself into the eyes of thousands of people, you’re waiting for people to show interest in your service first, and then presenting yourself as the clear best choice over your competition.

3 – 95% Click 1st Page

SEO is a stand out digital marketing method for a number of reasons. In this detailed study, it was found that 95% of people click on a search result on the first page of Google. This is very accurate – just ask yourself, when was the last time you went on the 2nd page of Google?

In web design, there’s a concept that we love. It’s called ‘don’t make me think’. To quickly summarise it, whenever a customer interacts with your website or brand they should not have to think about visiting you or why you’re the best choice for them. This should be clear from the very start.

Being on the first page of Google helps to show this principle in action. When a customer types in a search term and looks at the results, you only have a second or two before they’ve made up their mind on which website to click on. First impressions matter. By being on the 1st page, you’re getting the best first impression possible to your customers.


4 – Highest ROI Of All Digital Marketing Methods

Not only this, but SEO has been proven to be the highest ROI Digital Marketing method out there. While methods such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a lucrative short term choice for many business owners, this often comes at a heavy cost (not only are you paying for the ads themselves, but you may also be being charged by a PPC agency who not only take a flat rate, but take a % of your profits too!) as well as hidden long-term consequences such as brand reputation from spammy ads.

5 – Extremely Cost-Effective

By optimising your business’s website for Google, you’re choosing to generate a consistent flow of organic leads to your website. You’re not putting yourself in your customers’ faces and saying ‘BUY MY STUFF’. Instead, you’re choosing to wait for them to come to you, and then standing out as the clear best choice to your competition like no one else.

Not only this, but SEO can be very cost-effective from an investment perspective. While many PPC agencies will charge you a flat rate as well as a heavy % fee of revenue generated from the ads themselves, SEO agencies favour a more simple, cost-effective approach. At Digital Capital, we offer a simple, flat fee that is surprisingly more affordable than most other Digital Marketing strategies.

We’re proud to say that every business we’ve worked with has gotten on the 1st page of Google as a result of our efforts. It is this excellent track record that allows us to confidently say that we provide some of the best service in the industry.

By choosing to specialise in one area of Digital Marketing it allows us to provide the best results-driven service possible in a niches that we have expertise in and we know we can help.

We don’t just help to build your brand but instead we favour a more practical approach – an approach that focuses on what you need the most as a business. We only work with clients we know that we can help the most, and we take the time to truly understand what your goals are for your business and how we can help you reach them.

Unfortunately many business owners have been burned before by poorly performing SEO agencies in the past. The type of agencies that promise the world, but fail to actually deliver when the time comes. It’s difficult to express just how frustrating this is for us – to see so many businesses invest their hard-earned money into the best Digital Marketing strategies out there, only to be scammed by some poorly performing individual.

We want to help you certain that the decision you make to work with us is the right one. At Digital Capital, we are completely transparent with everything we do. You’ll what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and the results you can expect. Our excellent track record of success and raving client base means you quickly know that the decision you make to work with us is the right one.


6 – It’s Not Forced

A serious problem with PPC advertising is that you’re often competing for the same attention of your customers.

Let’s say Richard is a guy in his early 20’s, and has been interested in investing in roofing services. Maybe he’s watched a few YouTube videos, heard recommendations from his friends, whatever it is, he’s interested in making an investment fairly soon.

The next time Richard opens up Facebook, what does he see? Advert after advert, all selling the same thing. Roofers near him. While some adverts may stand out more than others, the quality adverts get caught up in the noise from the others, and the impression quickly becomes saturated.

A few hours later, Richard decides he’s interested in finding our what his options are. He opens up his laptop, and types into Google ‘best roofers london. What does he see? Your company is right at the top. Seeing as 25%+ of people consistently click on a result on the first page of Google, he clicks the link to your website, takes a look at the compelling copywriting, and quickly orders himself a free consultation with you.

See how much better this approach is? Instead of bombarding him with countless advertisements, Richard shows his interest first and then discovers your business, and quickly sees it as the clear best choice over all of your competitors.

This is another reason why SEO is so powerful when compared to PPC advertising – instead of competing for a prospects attention and trying your best to stand out from your hundreds of competitors, with SEO you’re not only showing yourself to be the clear best choice organically, but you’re kicking your competition out of your way! There can only be a certain, limited number of businesses on the 1st page of Google, and by having your business’s website on the 1st page you’re preventing the competition from rising above you and taking your valuable spot.


7 – Easy To Measure Progress

Another misconception of SEO is that it is difficult to quantify. This is not true. By taking an average of the last few months of your websites traffic, we get an accurate benchmark of your websites average traffic. While we’re working with you, the goal will be to get as far above that line as possible.

This simplifies the process, and means that you can easily see the progress that your SEO services are delivering to your website. Due to the nature of SEO, a great thing is you’ll see your results only get better and better as time goes along and you rank higher and higher above your competition.


8 – Builds Trust & Credibility

Your business’s website appearing on the 1st page of Google doesn’t just make your website get more clicks. Psychologically, you build trust and credibility from the start with all of your leads who find you on Google. At the same time as presenting yourself as the clear best choice in your niche, your website being on the first page – and especially when it is in the top 3 search results for your keywords (over 25% of people consistently click on a website that’s in the top 3 search rankings) – instantly establishes yourself as an authority in your customers mind.

Just ask yourself this – if you had never head of Amazon, and when you looked up Men’s skincare products they were consistently at the top of the search results, would you not trust them over their competitors? Of course not! They have established themselves as great company and you have already begun to associate their brand with quality, trustworthiness and an authority in their niche. This is one of the reasons why SEO – when implemented correctly – is an absolute game changer for business owners.


9 – 80% Of Your Customers Research Before Purchasing

Another reason why SEO is a powerful force for your business is best explained by taking a look at the relevant research. This detailed study proved that 80% of people take their time to research a company before they buy. This usually takes the form of looking at your competitors – where your customers compare the quality of service, pricing, testimonials, and what sets you apart. In short this means that if your competitors have a higher ranking that you in Google, there’s an increased likelihood that you won’t be involved in this ‘decision phase’ that the lead is doing.

If 95% of people never visit the 2nd page of Google, combined with the fact that more than 80% of people research a business before buying from it, then it’s safe to say that if your business is not on the 1st page of Google you are very unlikely to be a business that is involved in your potential customers’ ‘decision phase’.

However, by targeting the most lucrative keywords (high volume, low competition) for your business, you’re standing out from the competition, as an authority, and are involved in almost every customer’s ‘decision phase’.


10 – Long-Term Results

One of the best things about SEO is it’s ability to produce consistent results in the long-term. Once you’re ranking high for certain keywords and have great systems in place, it’s very difficult to lose your ranking. While you may fluctuate around on the 1st page from time to time, you will still consistently be appearing on the 1st page for relevant keywords.

While most paid advertising offers short-term results and can be a great option for many business owners, it doesn’t offer consistent, passive results. When you stop advertising, the money stops rolling in. It’s a quick fix in some ways – an expensive solution that generates short-term results. On top of this, paid advertising will not consistently grow your websites traffic.

This is where one of the greatest strengths of SEO comes in. Once your website is ranking, you will be bringing in consistent leads for years and years. You don’t need to rely on expensive paid advertising, but instead you deliver value upfront to your customers and get them to show interest in you in an organic way.

For example, when a high quality, relevant and thought-provoking blog post is created for your business’s website, it will continue to serve you for many years to come.

In summary – the more time, effort and resources put into SEO for your business’s website, the better and more lucrative the results will be.

With all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that SEO is one of the best investments you can make for your business. You can see how established your online presence is by requesting your SEO Audit or by visiting our websites homepage.