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The Process.


Learning About You

You know more about your business than anyone else. By taking the time to learn about your business we will set up a detailed SEO campaign that fits your goals.


Keyword Research

You want to get your business website higher on Google, but for which search terms? We’ll create a custom report for you, looking into the most lucrative keywords for your company.


Content Creation

There’s a big difference between ‘just getting by’ content and incredible content that both your customers and search engines will love. Our expert writers excel in this.


On Page SEO

Keywords and content are a great, but there’s not much point in either unless your site is tailored for the exact terms you want to rank for.


Off Page SEO

Links to your website are like an engine in a car. You need the rest of the chasis to function, but the results are accelerated using a worthy strategy.


Measuring Progress

By constantly keeping track of your website and its online presence we refine our approach using our proven methods until success.

Providing SEO in Manchester

One Unbeatable Guarantee.

Excellence requires focus – by honing our craft into two core services and following a proven process we deliver results that rival the best in the industry.  

It’s also why we’re so confident in our ability. If we don’t improve your online presence in 90 days we’ll refund all of your money. No questions asked.

Core Services
Unbeatable Guarantee
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Get a comprehensive view of your company's situation

Your SEO audit is just a click away...

Using Our Proven SEO Process

Case Studies

SEO is a very complicated and can be overwhelming experience. By using a proven process results come in like clockwork.
Transparency is king. With regular reporting you're never kept in the dark of what we're doing with your company's website.
If we don't improve your online presence within 90 days we'll refund all of your money with no questions asked.
Build The Brand
Website Audit
Google Analytics, Search Console & GMB Set Up
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
JSON Schema mark up
GMB Optimisation
Sitemap Generation
Blogging - 2 Articles / month
Top 5 Keywords Optimisation
75 Directory Listings
Link Building - 4 Powerful Links / month
Competitor Analysis
Google Search Console Management
Technical SEO Implementation
Infographic Link Building
Phone and Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Keyword Tracking
Monthly Reporting
Dominate The Market
Website Audit
Google Analytics, Search Console & GMB Set Up
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
JSON Schema mark up
GMB Optimisation
Sitemap Generation
Blogging - 8 Articles / month
Top 40 Keywords Optimisation
135 Directory Listings
Link Building - 16 Powerful Links / month
Competitor Analysis
Google Search Console Management
Technical SEO Implementation
Infographic Link Building
Social Media Marketing
Phone and Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Keyword Tracking
Monthly Reporting


If you’re a local business you likely have thousands of customers searching for you every single day.

With 75% of people never scrolling past the first page of Google if you don’t have a strong online presence you’re not just losing out on potential sales – your competition is getting them and the upper hand.

Simply put – SEO let’s you stop chasing leads… customers chase you instead.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to decide where to place a website in the search results. 

That being said, there are certain key factors to look out for:

  • Website Speed
  • User Experience
  • Trusted vs Spam Backlinks

Put simply, you need to make sure your website is viewed as trustworthy as possible from Google while having excellent content that is relevant to what people are searching for.

SEO when performed incorrectly can not only be dangerous but can have serious implications for your website.

If you’re worried your website may be being punished by Google for poor SEO practices, we would check the following in order:

The Negative SEO Emergency Checklist

  1. Can your website anywhere on Google?
  2. Has your websites Google position changed in the last 6 months?
  3. Have you / an SEO company attempted to identify the problem and fix it?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions your website could be in a dangerous position.


Get your free SEO audit to see if your website is suffering from any major issues that could be crushing your rankings.

Simply put, if your website is ranking on search engines it’s because it deserves to be there.

If your website isn’t currently where you want it to be – work needs to be done to get you to that coveted first page spot.

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex subject with a lot of moving parts. Because of this you want to make sure you pick the right company (with a proven process and track record) the first time to save you time, money and hassle.

It’s a big decision when choosing who to work with – we wish you the best regardless of who you choose.

We don’t believe you should be locked into a long-term contract when it comes to SEO services.

Services are offered month to month. You’re free to cancel at any time.

You can reach us via phone or email through:

07804 476 857

Please note the best way to reach us is via email as we are not always available to answer calls. Whatever your query, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic, often for the purpose of generating leads or sales for a business.

It consists of 2 parts: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Simply put, On-Page SEO is everything that is to do with your website. This means things like:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image Alt Tags
  • URL Optimisation
  • Heading Management
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • User Experience
  • Page Speed
  • and more.

After working with you to identify the most lucrative keywords (low competition, high volume keywords as well as core keywords vital to your business), we then focus on ranking your website for these powerful keywords (Google search phrases).

An easy way to think about On-Page SEO to think of it like a car – the wheels, body, transmission, steering wheel – everything apart from the engine is On-Page SEO. 

Which part of SEO is the engine? Off-Page SEO. To find out more please click on the next heading below.

Off-Page SEO is the management and optimisation of everything outside of your website itself. There are many components such as linking social media profiles to your website, but in general it comes down to these core components for a local business:

  • Directory listings
  • Backlinks (Generated safely)
  • Social Media accounts

Directory listings and social media accounts help Google to understand that your business is a real, verified business that actually exists. With the commonality of fraudulent websites today, Google often takes extra steps to ensure that the websites they are showing on the 1st page for relevant keywords are real, verified businesses.

Off-Page SEO is like the engine in a car. You could have the best looking car with the highest tech equipment but if it doesn’t have an engine, it’s not going to move an inch.

One very important factor to consider when building backlinks for your website is to make sure you are doing this in a safe and organic way. If the websites that are linking to you are cheap, spammy websites that don’t provide any real value, and Google is associating those websites with you – it isn’t a good sign. Instead we recommend taking a safe approach of hand picking the best, safe websites that provide real value to the audience while being relevant to your industry. If you are a roofer for example, a high traffic blog covering roofing would be an excellent link to your website. 

High quality, safe backlinks provide evidence to Google that your website is well trusted and respected by others – showing that your business deserves to be on the 1st page.

Yes we do! To see our Norwich SEO Consultant services, please visit the website linked in this sentence.

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What's Next?

Interested? Here’s the exact process for us to get to know each other.

Requesting your SEO Audit

After requesting your free SEO audit we’ll send it over to you within 24 hours. You can get started by clicking the button in the top right corner of your screen.

SEO Audit & Information

On top of the SEO & Website Audit itself, we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Face to Face Meeting

After you’ve had time to go through your SEO & Website Audit and get an idea of what the current state of your online presence is, we can set up a quick 15 minute call to check if we’re a good fit for your company and it’s goals.

Formal Proposal

You’ll then be sent a formal proposal going over everything from the SEO strategy itself to the pricing, letting you make an informed decision of what to do next.

SEO Work Begins

With 95% of website traffic clicking on the 1st page of Google, we’ll get to work on your website to make sure you’re one of the select few top ranking on Google in your area – bringing you consistent leads and sales to grow your company.