SEO Case Study | EMR Group

The Overview.

EMR Group is a thriving local roofing business based in Nottingham, UK. While many of their customers came through word of mouth, EMR was looking for consistent leads and sales for their business. Over the next 6 months EMR went from having little web presence to becoming the go-to roofing company in Nottingham and surrounding areas – leading to an estimated increase of +£10,000 in monthly revenue within 60 days, rising to +£15,000 after 120 days.

The Plan.

First, we found out about EMR as a business. We looked at their current situation, what methods they had tried before, what their most lucrative customers were, and more. By gaining a deep understanding of EMR’s business we were able to put together a comprehensive SEO strategy that suited their needs best.

After learning about EMR, we implemented the company knowledge into keyword research. We looked at what their closest competitors were targeting, which lucrative keywords EMR should be ranked for, as well as any low-competition, high-volume keywords overlooked by the local competition.

From there we were ready to start work on optimising EMR’s website for SEO.


Once we knew which keywords would be targeted and why, we started by optimising EMR’s website for these specific terms. EMR had a consistent backlog of high-quality blogs which we could tailor towards the targeted keywords.

After this a plan for a series of high quality, relevant and high word count blog posts were planned by our expert content writers. This content was not just useful for SEO, but was written in a way to generate interest and sales for the company itself in the writing.

With On-Page SEO being worked on, it was time to start getting EMR a consistent flow of backlinks. Google my Business was set up, relevant links were generated while following all of Google’s best practices.

Proven Process

SEO is a very complicated and can be overwhelming experience. By using a proven process results come in like clockwork.

Regular Reporting

Transparency is king. With regular reporting you're never kept in the dark of what we're doing with your company's website.

Guaranteed Results

If we don't improve your online presence within 90 days we'll refund all of your money with no questions asked.

The Results.

By using our proven & tested SEO strategy results came in faster than expected. EMR rose from obscurity towards being one of the highest-ranked roofing companies for the entire area of Nottingham, as well as surrounding areas.

Even in winter months, when roofing sales notoriously die down for the season, was not an issue for EMR Group. In December organic traffic reached 191 – the 2nd highest number of visitors ever recorded in EMR’s history (the 1st being the month before at 203 visitors – a 244% increase in organic traffic since starting SEO).

With the website visitors being from the local area and in need of roofing services, EMR was easily able to use the social proof from being one of the highest ranked roofers in Nottingham to close deals – leading to an est +£10,000 in monthly revenue after 60 days – increasing to +£15,000 after 120 days.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Average Session Duration


Organic Keywords Ranked