SEO vs PPC Advertising For Manchester Businesses

Businesses looking for SEO in Manchester have many options for marketing their business.

As a local business, the competition can be intense with your competitors in your industry. While anyone can spend money to market their business through a Facebook ad or a flyer you’re not sure will work, it’s difficult to beat an organic Google ranking.

Above: SEO & Advertising are both important. That being said SEO holds the crown when it comes to presenting your business as credible and trustworthy.

What Would You Do?

If you wanted to take a look at finding a new roofer – what would you do? Ultimately a Google search would likely take a part in your decision-making process.

Now imagine you’re looking at the Google results for all of the roofers in Manchester. What do you see? A few website ads with a giant bold “Sponsored” link above it, but as you scroll down you look and see what your options are in Manchester.

Let’s face it – if you’re showing up on the 1st page of Google you’re instantly seen as having ‘earned’ that spot…

Because you actually have.

This powerful psychological effect is only amplified when a soon-to-be customer sees you have a multitude of reviews on Google Maps – not only that, but they find your office is a mere 10-minute drive away!

The reality is this is happening hundreds, even thousands of times every single month. Your customers just aren’t looking to work with anyone – they want the best.

The inherent trustworthiness of seeing your business on the prized first page of Google is difficult to beat: a simple Facebook ad saying with a giant “Buy Now!” at the bottom is not nearly as powerful as a prospect seeing your website organically showing on the first page.

Real Example, Real Data

Above: Searching for ‘roofers manchester’ on Google is a perfect example of a high volume, low competition keyword that you would want to rank for if you worked in the industry.

From a simple search, we can already see that there are up to 10,000 people every month typing for the search term: ‘roofers manchester’. This isn’t including the hundreds of variations of typing the same keyword, such as “best commercial roofers manchester uk”, “roof repair manchester”, etc.

Best of all – this is low competition!

In SEO terms, the longer keywords are not very hard to rank for – a few months of consistent, deliberate work while following best practices (such as staying within Google’s guidelines) is more than enough to rise your Manchester business to the 1st page.

Should You Use PPC Advertising Or SEO For Your Manchester Business

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be marketing your business, or that advertising is bad – quite the opposite. Advertising can be an excellent way to get new customers.

Deciding whether SEO is right for your business comes down to a simple question – are you looking for a quick short-term fix or an excellent long-term solution?

If your answer is the latter, SEO is likely the right solution for your business. But don’t take my word for it – to get an idea of if your website needs any work you can fill out your SEO Audit  (top right 😉 or by visiting our homepage. We’ll not only tell you of any issues of your site, but we’ll outline exactly how to fix them. It’s on the house 😉

If you’re still in the early stages of getting started or if your budget is limited, I’d recommend going with an advertising route to generate new leads and customers for yourself and your company.

However, if you’re more established and are looking for a reliable source of new traffic, leads and sales for your business then there is simply no better option on the market than SEO for your Manchester company.

All the best.

– Alex